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Letter from J. I. Akin, Tillman County Superintendent



Original forward letter included in 1940's publication of

Men and Women in World War II From Tillman County (Oklahoma)

J. I. Akin, Superintendent

Ruby Dean Miracle, Assistant

Office Phone 38 

Department of Public Instruction

Tillman County

Frederick Oklahoma

The schools all over our nation contributed a great deal toward winning the war.  Tillman County Schools contributed their share in this effort by giving wholehearted support in the scrap metal drives and paper drives, by buying and selling stamps and bonds, and by contributing generously to the United War Chest drives, Red Cross drives, and health campaigns.

Our teachers contributed materially to the war effort, not only by directing metal and paper salvage campaigns, and by buying stamps and bonds, but they rendered a great service to our ogvernment and the people of each community throughout Tillman County by conducting registrations for and issuing ration books, organizing Junior Red Cross Chapters in the schools of the county, contributing through the Junior Red Cross to hospitals where soldiers were stationed, and by furnishing entertainment to the soldiers in hospitals and U. S. O. centers.

Perhaps the greatest contribution of all was our boys-the product of our schools-who proved themselves to be the greatest fighting force on earth!

Sincerely yours,

J. I. Akin

County Superintendent

Tillman County