Remembering the past, looking toward the future...

In Memoriam




We have endeavored to obtain the name of those who have been killed in action and regret any exclusions 

Akin, Walter

Beemer, J. Doyle

Bishop, Jackie

Black, Donald

Boyd, Cloys J.

Branson, Herold K.

Byrn, James D.

Choate, Flourney L., Jr

Cox, Benjamin F.

Ellis, Chester

Fry, Bobby W.

Garcia, Antonio

Gilmer, Marion O.

Goodknight, John O.

Gould, George

Grose, Charley D.

Hamby, Laverne

Hamilton, C. A.

Harleston, Finis E.

Hawkins, Euel L.

Hazlett, Harry

Holloman, I. J.

Holt, Jack

Howle, B. "Scottie"

Jackson, Tom Webb

Kinney, Gordon W.

Lindsey, Sammy F.

McAfee, Harold G.

Marshall, J. J.

Martin, Clarence A.

Martin, Donald J.

Mason, Jim Edd

Miley, Jess

Moore, Mathis

Morton, Cecil R.

Mulanax, K. C.

Muse, Albert W.

Newsom, Carl

Nulty, Lawrence M.

Pace, G. T.

Pope, Melvin J.

Powell, Edgell C.

Rector, Clifford C.

Reynolds, Elvis

Reynolds, Joseph C.

Rice, Chester Hugh

Rice, Lewis D.

Rutledge, Lee O.

Thompson, F. L.

Thompson, Floyd

Tyler, Clarence H.

Tyson, William L.

Wallace, Robert A.

Waters, Wendell O.

Weatherman, Douglas V.

Wells, Jack

Wells, Lige P.

Williams, Marvin D.

Wilson, Wayne E.

Wood, Rex L.

Woodmore, George R.

Zellmer, Arthur J.

Zellmer, James