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Beavers, John

Service Branch: 

This information is from the book, "History of Tillman County (OK), Volume II", a 1978 publication of the Tillman county Historical Society and is used with their consent.

John Beavers, a 1936 graduate of Chattanooga High School, was also a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II.  John had joined the U. S. Marines and was serving as a guard at the American Embassy at Peking, China when he was captured on Pearl Harbor Day, which was December 6, 1941 there. Taken to Tokyo, he was held prisoner for the duration of the war. Many months passed before his parents knew his whereabouts or physical condition, but eventually the American Red Cross was able to get a message though to them.

At the time of the 1978 publication, Mr Beavers was employed as an agronomist for the United Nations' Rome office. The information in the article was supplied by his brother and wife, Raymond and Addie Mae Beavers. A picture was not supplied. If you have a picture of this vet, please contact us.