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Cherry, Chester Lee

Service Branch: 

The following information can be found in "History of Tillman County, Volume II", published in 1978 by the Tillman County Historical Society in Frederick, OK.

Chester Lee Cherry joined the Air Force in the winter of 1941 and was first stationed in California. When World War II began, he was sent to the Philippines. He was there during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was Captured by the Japanese in 1942 and help prisoner for 44 months (duration of the war).

The article tells of starvation, being wounded by shrapnel and having beri-beri. Mr Cherry said he was thankful for a Japanese nurse who would slip in at night and doctor his wounded legs. He said, had it not been for her, he would have lost his life. He ruturned home and later married Bessie V. Maines at Walters, Oklahoma. They lived on a farm near Chattanooga, OK. The article was written and submitted by Brenda Kanyon. No picture was included in the book. If you know this man and have a picture to include on this page, please contact us.