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Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Akin, Walter
Bishop, Jackie
Black, Donald
Boyd, Cloys J. Air Corps
Branson, Herald K Army
Brashear, Sam O
Brown, Walter R., Jr.
Byrn, James D. Army
Choate, Flournory L., Jr. Air Corps
Coffey, Charlie L
Cox, Benjamin F.
Ellis, Chester A
Erickson, Clarence
Erickson, Clarence
Fry, Bobby W Merchant Marines
Garcia, Antonio
Gilmer, Marion O. Army
Goodknight, John O. Army
Gould, George
Gould, John O.
Grose, Charley D. Army
Hamby, La Verne Navy
Hamilton, C. A.
Harelston, Finis E. Army
Hawkins, Euel Lee Army
Hazlett, Harry
Holloman, Ira J.
Holt, Jack Army
Howie, B. "Scottie"
Howle, Benjamin (Scottie) Air Corps
Jackson, Tom Webb Air Corps
Kinney, Gordon W. Air Corps
Lindsey, Sammie F. Army
Marshall, J. J. Navy
Martin, Clarence A. Marine Corps
Martin, Donald J. Army
Mason, Jim Edd Army
McAfee, Harold G. Air Corps
Moore, Mathis Army
Morton, Cecil R. Coast Guard
Murray, Leon D
Muse, Albert W.
Newsom, Carl Army
Nulty, Lawrence M. Army
Pace, G. T. Army
Pope, Melvin J. Army
Powell, Edgell C. Navy
Rector, Clifford C. Army
Reynolds, Elvis
Reynolds, Joseph C. Air Corps