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Combat Inf. Badge

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Austin, W. J. Army
Brown, Milton W.
Cody, Jack C.
Curtis, Joseph G., Jr. Army
Evans, Elmer L. Army
Foley, George L. Army
Gillum, Warren Army
Givens, Lynn R. Army
Hawkins, Euel Lee Army
Hawkins, Joe O.
Hudspeth Clifford W. Air Corps
Hunt, Kenneth C. Army
Kinney, Albert W. Army, Air Corps
Lopez, George S. Army
Martin, James w. Army
Murphy, Omer D. Air Corps
Plaster, James H. Army
Qualls, Homer (Billy) W. Army
Reed, Robert L. Army
Roberts, Earl A., Jr. Army
Schulz, Clifford F. Army
Smart, Elmo T. Army
Smith, Vernis T. Army
Spain, Robert C. Army
Timms, Clifford H., Jr. Army
West, Arlie F. Army
Williams, Arnold F. Army
Wolfe, Marion J. Army