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ETO Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Adams, George A. Air Corps
Addison, Paul B.
Allen, Charles D. Air Corps
Allen, James C., Jr. Army
Allison, Dale W.
Anthony, Ralph B. Army
Armour, Thomas Coast Guard
Avery, Gordon Army
Bailey, Byron C. Air Corps
Bainbridge, Lloyd G.
Banks, Robert C. Army
Barbee, Charley R. Army
Barbee, James F. Air Corps
Barrett, Eli E. Air Corps
Beavers, James C. Navy
Bell, John R.
Bolin, Brooks R. Army
Bolton, Jacob L. Navy
Boyd, Jess Paul Army
Branham, Joseph W., Jr. Air Corps
Branson, Herald K Army
Braziel, A.G. Army
Briscoe, Dayle Air Corps
Brisley, Curt S. Air Corps
Britton, Otto E. Army
Brock, Hanson C. Army
Brown, Henry A. Army
Brown, Lloyd W. Army
Brown, Milton W.
Brubaker, Winton M. Army
Bruner, William J. Army
Burks, Alvin R.
Burrows, Grady Bob Navy
Bynum, Hillie Jr. Army
Byrn, James D. Army
Calloway, Alvis M. Army
Campbell, Wesley R. Air Corps
Cannon, Warren
Cardwell, Joseph D. B. Air Corps
Chitwood, Jack W. Army
Choate, Flournory L., Jr. Air Corps
Coleman, A. Ray Army
Coley, Edwin
Compton, George B. Air Corps
Conway, Clyde D. Air Corps
Conway, Russell V. Air Corps
Cooper, Billy E. Navy
Copeland, Robert Y. Air Corps
Cosgrove, Harold N.
Courtney, James R. Merchant Marines