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Victory Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Amyx, Clyde H. Air Corps
Anderson, Otis Robert Navy
Anthony, Ralph B. Army
Armour, Thomas Coast Guard
Barnes, Lawrence R. Air Corps
Barnes, Oliver R. Navy
Beer, Floyd C. Air Corps
Burrows, Carl R. Navy
Cannon, Warren
Childers, Warren Army
Chitwood, Jack W. Army
Choate, Lawton C. Army
Compton, George B. Air Corps
Cooper, Billy E. Navy
Cosgrove, Jay Bee
Dill, Orville J Army
Dill, Woodrow W. Army
Dotson, Alton Army
Drain, Flora Alexander WAC
Dugan, Louis Air Corps
Ellis, Gerald D. Army
Evans, Elmer L. Army
Fanning, Kenneth J. Army
Foley, Paul A. Navy
French, Alan L. Navy
French, Claude O. Navy
Fry, Glenn J. Army
Fry,Owen Lou-Voise Navy
Gilbreth, Hubert L. Navy
Givens, W. C. Navy
Godfrey, Richard A. Navy
Gough, Connel A. Air Corps
Graham, Lloyd E. Air Corps
Grant, Harold Greer Army
Gray, James E. Navy
Grimes, Monford D. Air Corps
Hammond, Ann B. WAC
Harbour, Lawrence E. Army
Harmison, Joseph E. Army
Hayter, Dale Navy
Hill, Sylvester Army
Holston, Alfred A. Air Corps
Hoover, Sam T. Air Corps
Jett, Murray V. Air Corps
Johnston, R. Mitchell Air Corps
Jones, Joseph D. Jr. Navy
Kent, John W. Air Corps
Kirkpatrick, Glen F. Air Corps
Kruse, David L. Army
Landrum, Lewis O. Army