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Purple Heart

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Addison, Paul B.
Allen, Charles D. Air Corps
Austin, W. J. Army
Ayers, Reuben, Jr. Navy
Bacon, Robert Lyle Air Corps
Bolin, Brooks R. Army
Branson, Herald K Army
Britton, Otto E. Army
Brown, Don O.
Brubaker, Winton M. Army
Bulen, Clyde M.
Byrn, James D. Army
Calloway, Alvis M. Army
Curtis, Rex E. Army
Dean, Clyde L. Army
Dean, Donald D.
Defoyd, Almos E. Army
Dill, Woodrow W. Army
Eales, Loyd Gary
Evans, Elmer L. Army
Fanning, Kenneth J. Army
Fields, Duncan Ulysses Army
Foley, George L. Army
Gartside, Stanley B. Army
Givens, Lynn R. Army
Goodknight, John O. Army
Grose, Charley D. Army
Harelston, Finis E. Army
Hawkins, Euel Lee Army
Haynie, Elmo Army
Hogan, Rosemary Army
Jackson, Tom Webb Air Corps
Johnson, Richard M Marine Corps
Johnson, Urban E.
Laing, D. H. Air Corps
Laing, D. H. jr. Army
Landrum, Ray E. Air Corps
Lindsey, Sammie F. Army
Linker, Clifford R. Navy
Little, Harry E. Air Corps
Little, Horace R. Army
Martin, Lester R. Army
McAfee, Harold G. Air Corps
McClintock, Harold Hugh Marine Corps
McDonald, Robert Lee Marine Corps
McGregar, Carol J. Army
McIllwain,James C.
Miley, Earl M.
Mitchell, Joe David Navy
Moeller, Lester E. Army