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Am. Theatre Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Alexander, Oscar F. Navy
Amyx, Roy L. Air Corps
Armour, Thomas Coast Guard
Barbee, James F. Air Corps
Barnard, James L. Seabees
Barnard, Judson C. Navy
Barnes, Lawrence R. Air Corps
Barnes, Oliver R. Navy
Blackwood, Wilton L. Air Corps
Blanton, John H., Jr.
Bolton, William A. Navy
Burrows, Carl R. Navy
Burrows, Grady Bob Navy
Champ, Wilburn L. Navy
Childers, Warren Army
Choate, Merle L. Navy
Cole, Lloyd A. Air Corps
Colyer, Edward L. Navy
Cornelius, Darrell L.
Cornelius, Ferris M. Navy
Cupp, Warren G. H. Navy
Curtis, Frederick H. Merchant Marines
Curtis, Rex E. Army
Dean, Donald D.
Doak, Eugene M. Army
Drain, Flora Alexander WAC
Drake, Arvel
Dugan, Louis Air Corps
Eales, Loyd Gary
Etter, Glenn Coast Guard
Farris, Vergil O. Navy
Fondren, Jack E. Navy
Fondren, James E. Navy
Fry, David E. Air Corps
Fry, Lucien L. Air Corps
Givens, Ervie C. Navy
Givens, W. C. Navy
Godfrey, Richard A. Navy
Goodwin, Harold R. Army
Gough, Connel A. Air Corps
Gover, William W. Air Corps
Grant, Harold Greer Army
Grimes, Monford D. Air Corps
Harness, Oda O., Jr. Air Corps
Hawkins, Alpha O. Army
Hayter, Dale Navy
Henderson, Pete D. Air Corps
Henry, Billy R. Army
Hodges, Robert L. Navy
Holston, Alfred A. Air Corps