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Philippine Lib. Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Barrett, James R. Air Corps
Beer, Floyd C. Air Corps
Bray, Edward W. Army
Burrows, Grady Bob Navy
Calloway, Wilson Army
Childers, Warren Army
Choate, Merle L. Navy
Cole, Lloyd A. Air Corps
Colyer, Edward L. Navy
Dill, Troy C Navy
Dirck, Floyd C. Navy
Doze, Varrell J. Navy
Ellis, Gerald D. Army
Evans, I. J. Air Corps
Farris, Vergil O. Navy
Floyd, Kenneth H. Army
Harper, Bob E. Air Corps
Hawkins, Joe O.
Hayter, Dale Navy
Jones, Winston A. Army
Lance, Thomas K. Army
Lawson, Robert L. Navy
Lewis, Russell L. Navy
Loftis, Walter H. Army
Mandrell, Clayton C. Air Corps
Mashburn, Ralph E. Navy
Massey, Henry W. Army
Morgan, Stanley E. Air Corps
Moring, James W. Navy
Northcutt, Edward L. Army
Pace, Lloyd O. Army
Patterson, Ray N. Navy
Patton, Billy W.
Patton, Donnie Army
Payne, J. Edwin Navy
Pearson, Christopher G. Navy
Robertson, Donald R. Merchant Marines
Smith, Roy Jack Seabees
Snelling, Merle G. Navy
Stone, Odel F. Air Corps
Taylor, Arthur D. Navy
Taylor, Curtis E. Air Corps
Ward, Glenn Price Seabees
Watson, Jimmy R. Navy
Williams, Arnold F. Army
Wolfe, Marion J. Army
Zellmer, Arthur J. Army