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Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Alexandria, Woodrow Army
Allen, James C., Jr. Army
Amos Roy Lee Army
Anderson, J. R. Army
Ansley, Reynolds L. Army
Anthony, Ralph B. Army
Arnold, Sidney W. Army
Austin, W. J. Army
Avant, Harold R. Army
Avery, Gordon Army
Avery, Reathon Army
Baker, Byron F.,Jr. Army
Banks, Robert C. Army
Barbee, Charley R. Army
Barnett, Vinton R. Army
Bartley, Ollie E Army
Berry, J. D. Army
Berry, Lewin J. Army
Bex, Forrest F. Army
Bigbie, Gene C.E. Army
Billingslea, E. O., Jr. Army
Billingsley, Earl O. Army
Biver, Cecil H. Army
Blackwood, Max A. Army
Blan, Flim Austin Army
Bolin, Brooks R. Army
Boyd, Eldon L. Army
Boyd, Jess Paul Army
Brannon, Billie Bob Army
Branson, Herald K Army
Bray, Edward W. Army
Braziel, A.G. Army
Brimberry, Leonard Army
Brink, Jerome Army
Britton, Otto E. Army
Brock, Hanson C. Army
Brown, Henry A. Army
Brown, Lloyd W. Army
Brown, Mathew M. Army
Brown, Melvin E. Army
Brubaker, Winton M. Army
Bruner, William J. Army
Bryant, Jesse Army
Burks, Floyd O. Army
Bynum, Clifford Army
Bynum, Clyde Army
Bynum, Hillie Jr. Army
Byrn, James D. Army
Calloway, Alvis M. Army
Calloway, Wilson Army