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Asiatic Pacific Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Alexander, Oscar F. Navy
Amyx, Clyde H. Air Corps
Armour, Thomas Coast Guard
Arnold, Kenneth E. Navy
Austin, W. J. Army
Ayers, Reuben, Jr. Navy
Banks, James P. Navy
Barbee, Frank, Jr. Air Corps
Barnard, James L. Seabees
Barnard, Judson C. Navy
Barnes, Lawrence R. Air Corps
Barnes, Oliver R. Navy
Barrett, James R. Air Corps
Bawcom, James W. Air Corps
Beer, Floyd C. Air Corps
Berry, Lewin J. Army
Bigbie, Gene C.E. Army
Bilderback, Melvin H.
Blackwood, Max A. Army
Blackwood, Wilton L. Air Corps
Blanton, John H., Jr.
Bolton, William A. Navy
Bray, Edward W. Army
Brown, John C. Navy
Burks, Floyd O. Army
Burns, T.J. Navy
Burrows, Carl R. Navy
Burrows, Grady Bob Navy
Butcher, James N.
Byrns, Truett Seabees
Caldwell,Benton B.
Calloway, Wilson Army
Calloway, Woodrow Army
Campbell, R. C. Army
Cannon, Warren
Champ, Wilburn L. Navy
Childers, Warren Army
Choate, John W., Jr. Army
Choate, Lawton C. Army
Choate, Merle L. Navy
Coffer, Marvin H. Army
Cole, Lloyd A. Air Corps
Colyer, Edward L. Navy
Cooper, Billy E. Navy
Cooper, Tommie A., Jr. Navy
Cope, Jones M.
Copeland, Jeff, Jr. Navy
Cornelius, Darrell L.
Cosgrove, Jay Bee
Courtney, James R. Merchant Marines