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Good Conduct Medal

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Adams, George A. Air Corps
Addison, Paul B.
Allen, Charles D. Air Corps
Allison, Dale W.
Amyx, Roy L. Air Corps
Anderson, John D. Air Corps
Arnold, Kenneth E. Navy
Austin, W. J. Army
Ayers, Reuben, Jr. Navy
Bainbridge, Lloyd G.
Baker, Byron F.,Jr. Army
Banks, Robert C. Army
Barbee, Frank, Jr. Air Corps
Barbee, James F. Air Corps
Barrett, Eli E. Air Corps
Barrett, James R. Air Corps
Bawcom, James W. Air Corps
Beer, Floyd C. Air Corps
Bell, John R.
Berry, Lewin J. Army
Blackwood, Max A. Army
Blackwood, Wilton L. Air Corps
Blanton, John H., Jr.
Bolin, Brooks R. Army
Bolin, Lionel W. Air Corps
Bolton, Jacob L. Navy
Bolton, William A. Navy
Box, Charles D, Air Corps
Boyd, Eldon L. Army
Boyd, Jess Paul Army
Branham, Joseph W., Jr. Air Corps
Brannon, Charles J. Navy
Bray, Edward W. Army
Braziel, A.G. Army
Brimberry, Leonard Army
Brisley, Curt S. Air Corps
Britton, Otto E. Army
Brock, Hanson C. Army
Brown, Henry A. Army
Brown, Lloyd W. Army
Brubaker, Winton M. Army
Bruner, William J. Army
Bruster, Don H
Burke, Marshall L. Air Corps
Burks, Alvin R.
Bynum, Hillie Jr. Army
Calloway, Alvis M. Army
Calloway, Wilson Army
Calloway, Woodrow Army
Campbell, R. C. Army