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EAME Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Ansley, Reynolds L. Army
Arnold, Kenneth E. Navy
Brimberry, Leonard Army
Caldwell, Charles E. Jr.
Childers, Frank P., Jr. Air Corps
Covington, Otis L. Army
Cupp, Warren G. H. Navy
Curtis, Frederick H. Merchant Marines
Defoyd, Almos E. Army
Defoyd, Paul E. Air Corps
Dill, Orville J Army
Fields, Duncan Ulysses Army
Fondren, Clarence A. Army
Fondren, Clyde B. Army
Fry, Lucien L. Air Corps
Gartside, Stanley B. Army
Graham, Lloyd E. Air Corps
Grozier, Rex Air Corps
Henry, Billy R. Army
Hutton, James D. Army
Jensen, Henry B. Army
Kendrick, Samuel Army
Landrum, William L. Army
Linker, Hubert H. Army
Martin, Dee W. Coast Guard
Mathis, Billy K. Army
Mathis, William T. Navy
McClung, Milus H. Air Corps
Moses, Sam Army
Ozier, Lois W. Jr. Army
Parris, Hollis C. Navy
Perkins, Robert L. Air Corps
Phillips, Herbert E. Army
Phillips, William J. Air Corps
Rector, Ernest D. Air Corps
Rector, Hubert C. Army
Richardson, James W. Army
Rodgers, Grover D. Army
Rollins, Senola Air Corps
Smart, Elmo T. Army
Smart, Leon C. Army
Smith, Vernis T. Army
Stone, Eual E. Air Corps
Tomkins, G. L. Navy
Wallace, James O. Army
Wallace, Kendall W. Army
Ward, Allon D. Merchant Marines
Watson, Joyce K. Army
Wiley, Rex A. Army
Woodmore, George R. Navy