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Pictoral Index

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Harness, Gussie L. Army
Harness, Oda O., Jr. Air Corps
Harness, Ray D. Army
Harper, Bob E. Air Corps
Harris, Louis Alonzo Navy
Harris, Robert Navy
Harris, Thomas G. Navy
Hartwig, John William
Harvey, W. C. Army
Hasenmyer, Sidney E. Navy
Haston, Marion W. Army
Hatcher, Joyce D. Army
Hawkins, Alpha O. Army
Hawkins, Euel Lee Army
Hawkins, Joe O.
Haynes, Edgar L., Jr. Navy
Haynie, Audrey L. Army
Haynie, Elmo Army
Haynie, Everett L. Navy
Hayter, Dale Navy
Hayter, Delmar J.
Hayter, Duward V. Navy
Hazlett, Harry
Heap, Ralph W. Air Corps
Hedrick, George H. Army
Hefner, John W. Army
Hefner, Kirby U. Army
Hemphill, John W. Navy
Henderson, Pete D. Air Corps
Henry, Billy R. Army
Herd, Roy A.
Hershey, Barbara L. WASP
Hickerson, Kenneth E. Air Corps
Hickerson, Raymond Army
Higgins, Elbert C. Navy
Hill, J. B. Navy
Hill, Sylvester Army
Hill, Z. T. Navy
Hinson, Leonard C.
Hodges, Charles K.
Hodges, David M. Army
Hodges, Robert L. Navy
Hogan, Rosemary Army
Hohstadt, Hollis H. Air Corps
Holcomb, George L. Army
Holloman, Ira J.
Holly, Roy E. Army
Holston, Alfred A. Air Corps
Holt, Jack Army
Hooker, David E. Air Corps