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Pictoral Index

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Barter, James E. Navy
Barter, John R.
Bartley, Ollie E Army
Bawcom, James W. Air Corps
Beavers, James C. Navy
Beavers, John Marine Corps
Beemer, J. Doyle
Beer, Floyd C. Air Corps
Bell, John R.
Berry, J. D. Army
Berry, Lewin J. Army
Bex, Forrest F. Army
Bigbie, Gene C.E. Army
Bigbie, O. D. Bane Merchant Marines
Bilderback, Melvin H.
Billingslea, E. O., Jr. Army
Billingsley, Earl O. Army
Birkhead, Herbert C. Air Corps
Birkhead, William R., Jr. Navy
Bishop, Jackie
Biver, Cecil H. Army
Biver, Harry E., Jr. Navy
Black, Donald
Blackburn, C. C. Air Corps
Blackwood, Max A. Army
Blackwood, Wilton L. Air Corps
Blair, Floyd Jr. Navy
Blan, Flim Austin Army
Blankenship, Robroy Navy
Blanton, Charles E. Air Corps
Blanton, Donald (Buster) Merchant Marines
Blanton, John H., Jr.
Bloodworth, J. T. Navy
Bolin, Brooks R. Army
Bolin, Lionel W. Air Corps
Bolton, Jacob L. Navy
Bolton, William A. Navy
Bond, King C. P. Air Corps
Bowman, George L. Navy
Box, Charles D, Air Corps
Boyd, Cloys J. Air Corps
Boyd, Eldon L. Army
Boyd, Jess Paul Army
Branham, Joseph W., Jr. Air Corps
Brannon, Billie Bob Army
Brannon, Charles J. Navy
Brannon, James L
Branson, Herald K Army
Brashear, Sam O
Bray, Edward W. Army