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Pictoral Index

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Braziel, A.G. Army
Brimberry, Leonard Army
Brink, Jerome Army
Briscoe, Dayle Air Corps
Briscoe, Elizabeth M. WASP
Briscoe, Robert J.
Brisley, Curt S. Air Corps
Britton, Otto E. Army
Brock, Hanson C. Army
Brown, Don O.
Brown, Henry A. Army
Brown, John C. Navy
Brown, Lloyd W. Army
Brown, Mathew M. Army
Brown, Melvin E. Army
Brown, Milton W.
Brown, Walter R., Jr.
Brubaker, Winton M. Army
Brunelle, William H. Air Corps
Bruner, William J. Army
Bruster, Don H
Bryant, Jesse Army
Bulen, Clyde M.
Burke, Archie Maurice Air Corps
Burke, Garland B., Jr. Air Corps
Burke, Marshall L. Air Corps
Burks, Alvin R.
Burks, Floyd O. Army
Burnham, Allen R. Air Corps
Burns, T.J. Navy
Burrows, Carl R. Navy
Burrows, Grady Bob Navy
Butcher, James N.
Bynum, Clifford Army
Bynum, Clyde Army
Bynum, Hillie Jr. Army
Byrn, James D. Army
Byrns, J. W. Navy
Byrns, Truett Seabees
Caldwell, Charles E. Jr.
Caldwell,Benton B.
Calloway, Alvis M. Army
Calloway, Wilson Army
Calloway, Woodrow Army
Cameron, Floyd Navy
Campbell, R. C. Army
Campbell, Wesley R. Air Corps
Cannon, Warren
Cardwell, Joseph D. B. Air Corps
Carpenter, John T., Jr. Army