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Pictoral Index

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Carrol, Billy L. Navy
Cassidy, John Jr. Air Corps
Cassidy, William E. Air Corps
Champ, Wilburn L. Navy
Cheek, Julian D. Army
Cherry, Chester Lee Air Corps
Childers, Frank P., Jr. Air Corps
Childers, Warren Army
Chitwood, Jack W. Army
Choate, Bailey G. Air Corps
Choate, Cecil C. Air Corps
Choate, Flournory L., Jr. Air Corps
Choate, John W., Jr. Army
Choate, Lawton C. Army
Choate, Merle L. Navy
Clark, Elbert F. Air Corps
Clark, Grady S. Merchant Marines
Clark, Kenneth E.
Cockrell, Woodrow W. Navy
Cody, Jack C.
Coffer, Marvin H. Army
Coffey, Charlie L
Cole, Lloyd A. Air Corps
Coleman, A. Ray Army
Coley, Edwin
Collins, Joe A. Air Corps
Collins, Oran Army
Colyer, Edward L. Navy
Colyer, Louis L. Air Corps
Compton, Clois O.
Compton, George B. Air Corps
Conway, Clyde D. Air Corps
Conway, Lloyd G.
Conway, Russell V. Air Corps
Conway, Tyrrell T. Merchant Marines
Cooper, Billy E. Navy
Cooper, Maurice V. Red Cross
Cooper, Tommie A., Jr. Navy
Cooper, Verner E. Air Corps
Cope, Jones M.
Copeland, Jeff, Jr. Navy
Copeland, Robert Y. Air Corps
Cornelius, Darrell L.
Cornelius, Ferris M. Navy
Cosgrove, Harold N.
Cosgrove, Jay Bee
Cosgrove, Stansil F.
Coston, Oscar N., Jr Navy
Couger, Gordon C. Army
Counts, Garrett T. Navy